Luxury and Quality Service

Luxury and Quality Service

What exactly is "Good Service" vs "Quality Service"?

This past weekend, I had the luxury of staying in a very nice hotel while we were picking up my service dog. I won't name the hotel for various reasons but just know it's 5-star rated and is known for its high-end luxury. 

The reason we chose to stay there is that the quality of service is unmatched! During the check-in process, they texted and called me a few days prior and text me throughout my stay, all the way to check out. This place gave me, my family, and my service dog the full work.

We ordered fruit every day for breakfast along with other things of course but the fruit is always exceptional. It tastes like it was literally just harvested, cut up, and placed on the plate. It was exceptional each time we ordered. We have also stayed at this particular hotel in other cities and each and every time, the fruit is always the same. Don't get me wrong, the food is amazing as well but with all food, we have our particulars, for example, when you go to a place out of town and order a meal, you won't remember the platting of that meal if you only ordered it once. Most people actually won't even notice the platting of their food unless they take pictures for the gram like most of us do these days! Well when it came to the platting of the food, that is one of the particulars I notice, especially when I stay in one place for longer than a day, I stayed here for 4 days so I noticed a lot. Does this mean this place lacks quality or doesn't have good service, not at all? The quality of the food I ordered was on point each time BUT the attention to detail is what got to me. So that’s one takeaway.

Next, due to the weather, we spent some time in the hotel instead of exploring the city. It was 21 degrees but with the wind chill, it felt like 6 according to the weather app. With that being said, I noticed a few things that were not up to 'standard' within the room and the hotel itself. Now again, we do have to take into consideration that I was in the room for a few days. I started to notice the carpets and how clean they were and were not. Being that I had a (trained) dog, I wanted to be sure I wasn't going to be charged an additional cleaning fee for something we didn't do. The bathroom was full of beautiful marble and the tub and shower are dope! This bathroom is a 10/10 when it comes to the luxury scale BUT again, being there longer than a night, I got to notice small things like one of the water spouts to one of the two faucets was loose and also the cold water handle to the other faucet was loose as well. Also, they have this makeup mirror that swivels over from the wall, and its about eye level for most. Well, this mirror had this weird lean to it that I noticed on the first day but didn't really look at it till the 2nd day. This is at no fault of the hotel because it appears that either it's been pulled on repeatedly or people have hung the towels or robes on it and it’s started to slouch over time. Lastly, the technology in the room. With me having a background in IT and Engineering, when I'm not getting great cell phone service or the internet and WiFi are slow, I notice. The hotel could have utilized better cable management and also optimize the WiFi signal from their ISP. Most ISPs have a certain standard quality which they have to keep, I would be sure these standards are being met.

Now, I just went over a few items inside the room that my hyperactive mind analyzed after being here in the cold. Again, does this mean that this hotel is a little less luxurious because of this? Not to me but it’s not the best of the best. TBH, I'm not even sure I have enough money to experience this type of quality that I'm speaking of BUT if I'm spending anything over $200 a night, and this room was, I expect a certain level of quality and a certain level of Luxury. 

So, overall, will I return to this hotel? The answer is yes, I will. I will because of the quality of service that was offered. I spoke with the hotel on my issues when they asked and I was honest to the T and I was told my words were appreciated and kind. Some will call this "Being Petty" but when it comes to business, customer feedback is super important when you are looking to improve your business and improve your brand. Customer feedback is also important to maintain your current customer base. Overall, this hotel has overall provided me, my family, and my pup nothing but the best in service each and every time I stay at their hotels in various cities. The staff always had a smile, they held doors and even called me and spoke to me personally during my stay, they made sure they lived up to their standards and quality of Luxury that has since the early 1900s, revolutionized hospitality in America.

I'm a few weeks into my personal journey of healing and the standards and practices of this hotel have helped this and they don't even understand the magnitude of standards. As a combat veterans, the military taught us standards. There is always a minimal standard and a maximum standard. This place is THE standard and which is also why I continue to stay at such highly rated hotels.  

In the words of the Mando from The Mandalorian, "This is the way” when it comes to"Good Service" vs "Quality Service"
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Truly an awesome experience every time. Your words are so eloquently written and this is excellent feedback in a very kind manner.

Mrs. Hines

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