The Flow

The Flow

The Flow

The Grand Canyon started as a small stream that kept a steady flow. 

The stream didn’t resist. It just flowed freely on its natural path no matter the obstacles.

Some call this the Tao.

I was telling my wife, we’re at different stages of our lives. We have infancy stages, we have youth, we have young adulthood and then regular adulthood. 
But within each of these stages are their own stages. 
I’m currently 34 years old so most will drop that into regular adulthood and they’d be correct. I’m a home owner, a father and now a business owner. Some might even say I’m in my zone. More on that another day.

Anyone who has something can vouch on the work it took to get it. Some have things given to them but I ain’t apart of that “some”. I’m in grind mode. My theory is this, Within adulthood, we have our 20’s which is when we first get our taste of freedom. Then we have the big 30 which is when most decide to start changing their lives or serves as a solid road mark for various reasons. 35 is a check point to see if you’ve been on your shit or not. It’s never too late but some older adults don’t start buying homes until well after this phase. Then you have your 40s and up. If you were grinding in your late 20s and early 30s, it will reflect by the zip code you live in and your quality of life. Most people have kids in their irresponsible 20s so now their kids are almost grown or within their youth years.

*Kids reflect their parents because their parents are responsible for them.** 

After working for 20 years and putting your energy towards a machine that doesn’t benefit you, you get to sit back now and enjoy the spoils of your labor on a fixed income. But that’s actually 64 and a half. So if you started working at the post office at age 18, you maybe can retire at 38 years old with one retirement check. Learn and new skill by 40 and retire again at 60 now with two retirement checks. One can be used fuel your passions and things like real estate when you’re into your late 60s and early 70s. Finally tapping into a “steady stream” of income.

I’ve been dreaming of water. I can see the stream that we’re all seeking. Water is life. Water provides the life essences in its most simplistic form. Without it, life will not exist. 

The life force working within us is much similar to water. The same water that forged the Grand Canyon. I see how the connections flow from the big stream down to the smaller ones and eventually into our bodies. 

Some have discovered this a long time ago. Not only have they built houses at the banks of the stream (or right at the river’s edge), but they plunge into the river on a daily bases compared those who are dehydrated. 

There are opportunities to get around these blockages. The same blockages, that stand in between you and the source of life. There’s ways to start your own stream. 

Remember, the Grand Canyon was forged by a river. Rivers start from a single stream that grew over time. That requires you to make a choice. That choice is simple. Grind at your goals or you can work for a machine that provides you with rations of water in exchange for your time to keep their machine going and they’ll keep giving you drops and drops.

I’ve been dreaming about water with my “Third 👁”.

Etorian “Distorted” Hines

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I like this concept! Hence my goddess name Deja Osean (Ocean) just like my mother Oshun. Keep pouring family!!

Deja Osean

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