Todays Ventures

Todays Ventures


Like a typical Monday, I spent it working but today, for myself. I started a cleaning business for my mom. She once worked at a Amazon distribution center as apart of the janitorial agency that was hired to clean. She was being worked like a dog for minimum recognition and minimum pay. She loves cleaning because it got her through some tough times in life. When things were hard for her, she could always count on someone in need of a good cleaning and she was there to provide her services. Now, she can provide services for better paying customers and also help the community that she once was a victim of. 

This is change. This is what reinvesting into yourself and your family looks like. 

Blessed and be on the lookout for us in your local businesses because you know I’m going to be sure I leave my mark! 

Etorian “Distorted” Hines 

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